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We’re Singing Rooster – a social enterprise nonprofit partner of small producers in Haiti. We’ve been working with coffee farmers for over a decade and began working with a small group of Haiti’s cocoa producers in 2015.  For those new to this crop – cacao provides the raw seed used to make all things chocolate!

This article briefly describes Singing Rooster’s work with small cacao co-operatives in Haiti.  Elsewhere on our site, we provide helpful tips when roasting Haitian cacao.  Plus, we sell raw cacao beans to chocolate makers big and small. Purchase 3 pound bags of Haitian cacao here.  Want an entire 120 lb sack?  Contact us for details.  Our 120 pound sacks are packed in grainpro (a giant ziploc bag that maintains freshness & moisture levels).

raw haitian cacao

Like coffee, Haiti has a long history in growing and harvesting cacao– over 200 years.  Not all cacao is the same.  If you’re a chocolate enthusiast, you’ll appreciate something unique in Haitian cacao.   Unlike most of the world’s cacao, Haitian cacao is among the top 3% of cacao on earth.  It’s rare and delicious.

Singing Rooster’s cacao comes from a small farmer co-op in the north

Rare, Unique, Fair Trade, Organic Cacao from Haiti

Our Haitian cacao is rare – nutty, fruity, essence of chocolate cake

  • Producer:  Farmer-owned :  FECANO/KAFUPBO
  • Dominating genetic origins : Trinitario, Criollo
  • Certified Organic :  ECOCERT
  • Certified Fair Trade :  FLO

Bean evaluation:   These beans are smaller than some other cacao, are beautifully fermented & will only get better with assistance:  grainpro storage (the first thing we did), regenerating old fields, launching seedling nurseries, advising farmers on  equipment upgrades, and training in small business management.

Raw Haitian Cacao Testimonials  

We hear the same complements over & over :

“Haitian chocolate is rich, smooth, and fruity.  There’s an essence of jasmine and a surprising note of licorice.  It’s mellow, smooth, unique.”

“We have had amazing reactions to the quality of the Kafupbo chocolate at the The Big Chocolate Show in NYC.”

“We love the cacao beans. We are still resting them before we temper, but I love how they taste.  How long will it take to get two sacks?”

“The raw beans smell and taste like chocolate cake.  BTW- I’ve tried a lot of cacao beans (my last bag was organic criollo), but yours are by far the best! I’m excited to do business with you. I love what you guys are doing.”

“I LOVE this cacao, Molly!  I made my first batch with a medium roast, and it has absolutely no bitterness. It is pure, rich chocolate with a hint of hazelnut.”

“I definitely get floral notes throughout and then a mild hazelnut kicks in at the end. Who knows how it will be after aging? Can’t wait to see.”

“This chocolate has legs — a velvety, smooth finish that lingers.”

cacao producers haiti

Lasting Impact

Singing Rooster’s own chocolate bar line is a hefty 78% dark bar — but it has the qualities of milk chocolate.  Velvety. Smooth. Low acidity. Fruity!  Buy a Singing Rooster chocolate bar and see for yourself (we don’t ship chocolate when weather warms, sorry).

We bring proceeds back from our own chocolate bar line to build better businesses in Haiti.  The bottleneck in Haiti?  Fermentation tanks.  We’ve doubled their capacity bringing greater economic stability to rural regions.

We’re establishing long-term relationships with bean-to-bar artisans by connecting them directly with farmer producers through our work.  Win-win.

Haitian cacao is rare - we transform into candy bars and sell raw beans to candy makers world-wide

Want to taste our chocolate bars?  Buy Haitian chocolate online.



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