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Fair Trade Haitian Green Specialty Coffee for artisanal & commercial roasters

Singing Rooster has been working shoulder-to-shoulder with small producers in Haiti for over a decade.  We pay farmers at least $3.45 per pound green & upwards to$4.50/lb.  We nurture business growth and provide financing.  We plant seedlings and are helping this water deprived nation move to pulped natural / honey processed coffee.

Roasters love Haitian coffee for many reasons –  it makes a sublime espresso, it’s rare (nobody else has it), and customers support work like ours (we’re a member of the Fair Trade Federation and have FREE, vibrant marketing materials to help you tell the story – details below).

We sell our specialty green by 22Kg/48.5Lb box and 54.5Kg/120Lb full sack.
– For samples, follow this link to order the 8oz or the 1 Lb roaster packs
– Our new 22kg/48.5lb boxes can also be ordered online.
– Love Singing Rooster’s honied coffee (of course you do); we sell it by the pound, box and sack.
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Producers : Farmer-owned co-ops and associations across all of Haiti’s major coffee growing regions
: 100% Arabica — washed and organic (not certified but we’re working on it).

Blue Pine Forest, washed
Thiotte, 2820’ / 860m
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FOB Wisconsin
Roasting Profile
:  when roasted to just under a Full City – this coffee reveals a rich, chocolate-caramel flavor.  Buy a sample.

Three Mountains, washed
Mare Blanche, Tete Source & Colin  3575’/1090m – 3700’/1130m
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FOB Wisconsin
Roasting Profile:  
Three Mountains can take the punch of a darker roast — 2nd crack in the cooling bin reveals deep, luscious cherry chocolates. Amaretto, sweet nuts.  Buy a sample.

Savane Zombie, washed
Fatima 4265’/1300m
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15-16 & 17-20
FOB Wisconsin
Roasting Profile
:  this coffee can take the punch of a dark roast but excels at just under 2nd crack.  Notes of sugar, caramel.  Spicy, Floral.  Buy a sample.

Baptiste Blue, washed
Baptiste  3400’/1040m
screen size = All Bean
FOB Wisconsin
Roasting Profile
:  this coffee can take the punch of a dark roast but excels at just under 2nd crack.  Notes of sugar, caramel, nougat, nutty.  Buy a sample.

Haitian Honey, Honey Processed
Singing Rooster demonstration farm  3900’/1190m
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FOB Wisconsin
oasting Profile: when roasted on the lighter side – this coffee reveals intense, sweet milk chocolate, dry grapefruit & raisins.  Buy a sample.

Learn about our work w/ Haitian coffee farmers.

Download our helpful roasting Haitian green coffee guide.

Free Marketing Materials

If you ordered green and want free marketing materials – shoot us an email just after your order & we’ll tuck materials into your shipment.  Also, if you’re a customer – you’re entitled to use our photos /text on social media.  Remember to tag us:  #haitiancoffee  #singingrooster  #yourcupmatters

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