Buy Green Haitian Mountain Bleu Blue Coffee beans

NOTE: Hurricane Matthew decimated coffee fields.  We imported much less because of this in 2017.

If you’re a commercial roaster — we just don’t have much green this year.

That will change in 2018!

Buy Fair Trade Haitian Green Coffee: commercial & home roasting

Singing Rooster is a social enterprise nonprofit partner of small producers in Haiti.  We sell Green Haitian Coffee Beans for commercial and home roasting.   Our prices reflect our mission :  to elevate the conversation of fair trade, in that, there’s nothing fair about it.   We pay farmers at least $3 per pound green (in Haiti) & upwards to$4.50/lb.  By paying small producers premium prices, we’re transforming rural poverty.

Join us.    Order samples of Green Haitian Coffee  or Tell us you want a sack (or more) — described below.  Keep in mind that we offer pre-harvest financing.  If you’re going to buy a lot of coffee over the course of the year, we need to provide financing for that coffee (in other words, we buy coffee at the beginning, not end of the harvest).

If you’re a coffee roaster, we sell Haitian green by the 132 pound (60 kilo) sack.  Prices don’t fluctuate because we pay farmers well up front.   If you want samples for evaluation — or home roasting — we sell that here.

  • Pine Forest (out of stock)

    APCAB1 washing station 2820’
    screen size = 15/16  17/20

    FOB Wisconsin

  • Collin

    APCAB3 washing station 3700’
    screen = 15/16 17/20

    FOB Wisconsin

  • Tete Source
    Winner:  Haiti’s Cup of Excellence

    APCAB4 washing station 3770’
    screen = 15/16  17/20

    FOB Wisconsin

  • Mare Blanche – out of stock

    APCAB2 washing station 3575′
    Screen size = 15/16  17/20

    FOB Wisconsin
  • Savane Zombie (new)
    APCAB3 washing station 4330′
    Screen size = 15/16  17/20

    FOB Wisconsin
Green Haitian Mountain Bleu Blue Coffee beans for commercial and home roasting

Producers : Farmer-owned co-ops across Haiti
Varietals: 100% Arabica typica blue mountain — washed and organic (not certified but we’re working on it).
Fair Trade : We’re a Fair Trade Federation Member but exceed fair trade minimums

Lots several lots of washed Haitian coffee available showcasing Haiti.  Nobody else does this.

Home roasters will LOVE our green sample pack — you’ll find your favorite.

Commercial coffee roasters will LOVE our green sample pack because you’ll see the diversity of the Haitian bean:

Order a Haitian green coffee sample pack

Fair Trade Green Haitian Mountain Bleu Blue Coffee beans for commercial and home roasting

We’re members of  the Fair Trade Federation but our work exceeds Fair Trade requirements.

We work side-by-side with our farmer partners and help improve crops :

  • grainpro storage
  • regenerating old fields
  • launching seedling nurseries & organic inputs
  • advising farmers on equipment upgrades
  • training in small business management

In a country with 70% lacking full time employment, coffee agriculture provides tens of thousands of jobs.

Roasting Profiles: we use a hybrid drum/air roaster & this is what we’ve found:

1. Pine Forest (currently out of stock) : when roasted to just under a Full City – this coffee reveals a rich, chocolate-caramel flavor.

2. Collin: when roasted to a Full City – this coffee reveals a black currant flavor.

3. Tete Source: when roasted to 2nd crack in the cooling bin – this coffee reveals a chocolate-cherry flavor.

4. Mare Blanche can take the punch of a dark roast — take it all the way to the VERGE of french — but not darker — you don’t want to ruin the deep, luscious cherry chocolates.

4. Savane Zombie can take the punch of a dark but excels as a just past second crack espresso.  Rich.  Velvety. Smooth.  Haiti’s 2015 coffee of the year.

All Haitian coffee makes the PERFECT base for espresso applications. Try a mélange of 70% Haitian & then add other origins depending on your desired outcome.

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