Great Fundraising Ideas: Live Raffle, Marketplace, Signups

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Looking for Great Fundraising Ideas?

Tired of the silent auction?  You should be — they have LOUSY return on investment.

Try these best fundraising ideas at your event or gala this year, and you’ll be happier with returns:

  1. hold a live raffle every 30 minutes — your most obnoxious friend will make it F-U-N
  2. set up a marketplace of Haitian goods
  3. have a table to sign up guests to visit Haiti with your team to see your work in action; this creates long-term donors who become emotionally and physically connected

Fundraising Raffle:

First, make sure holding a nonprofit raffle is doable in your state.  Here is a great article that details specifics.  Silent auctions have certain legal requirements too.

Purchase a roll of raffle tickets under $5 bucks at Walmart; sell tickets during the cocktail portion of your evening — pairs of middle school children with bright shiny faces are perfect ticket sales reps (hold a contest — most tickets sold earns that pair a special treat).

Identify items; solicit donation or purchase (you’ll make money even if you purchase wholesale).  Display items & allow people to purchase tickets from the table (for example, one for $20, 3 for $50)

curly tree haiti

Singing Rooster’s 23″ Curly Tree of Life is a PERFECT item to raffle

Good list of items to raffle — start raffling smaller items, work towards a crescendo over the evening:

    • leather purse from Haiti Design Co-op
    • metal art from Singing Rooster
    • gift card to local restaurant or store,

    • big screen TV (Best Buy has super discounted, open box tvs)
    • travel (people with a timeshare love to give those away)

Next, decide when / how you’ll raffle.  Raffle 3 items back to back every 30-minutes during the later half of the cocktail hour?  Raffle all items during dessert?

Marketplace of Haitian Goods:

market-place-galaThere’s no amount of check cashing that’s going to change Haiti long-term. Haitians need jobs, access to markets, to sell crops and other goods (but mostly crops).

Your table of Haitian goods will inform consumers the importance  buying habits:  change your cup, change a nation.  Great items for your Haitian marketplace:

Sign-up Table:

sign-upSet up a table to sign up guests to visit Haiti with your team to see your work in action; this creates long-term supporters who become emotionally and physically connected.

Have a video and or photos of your work along with take-home literature.

Then work hard with those new recruits to develop with your Haitian partners ways to begin or continue self-sustaining measures.





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