Raise money with Haitian coffee, chocolate, art
Raise money with Singing Rooster Haitian coffee, chocolate, art

Yes.  We wholesale Haitian goods for Mission trips, church groups, medical orgs, nonprofits, schools and eager individuals desiring to raise money at fundraising events (including garage sales!). Most groups we support know Haiti well, but we work with anyone wanting to use our excellent products:  Haitian coffee, chocolate & art.

By fundraising with Haitian coffee (chocolate & art), you’re getting quality items people want; 80% of adults drink coffee and most enjoy chocolate. Haitian art does great at big events a 3-4 times a year: fair trade festivals, Christmas bazaar, Valentine’s Day and Mother’s Day, for example.

raise money with Haitian coffee
Raise money with Haitian coffee, chocolate, art

We make it easy to raise money w/ Haitian products:

  1. read through the FAQ below — it provides necessary details
  2. register an account (upper right hand corner on site)
  3. next, forward the email you receive to info@singingrooster.org
    • include your nonprofit or company name & a link to your website
  4. we’ll email you directions on how to access wholesale ordering
  5. registration/login allows you to track past orders, print invoices, re-order easily
  6. take advantage of our helpful materials:
    best fundraising ideas
    fund raising tools/templates
    cut and paste — materials for your website, facebook, twitter
    10 Steps to the Best Fundraising Events

Searching for Singing Rooster Wholesale coffee in Haiti? We do that.

Frequently Asked Questions

Add Haitian coffee to pre-existing fundraising events
Fundraise with Haitian coffee

Coffee Details

24 bag minimum (12 ounce bags, mix & match roasts, mix & match types: ground, whole bean, single serve kup)

Create an account to learn more about wholesale pricing / discounts (directions above)

Flat shipping = $9 no matter how much you order beyond minimum — shipping to a commercial address is ideal. No P.O. boxes (sorry)

Biggest bang for your buck = 48 units (it’s a shipping thing)

Haitian coffee is classically Caribbean – chocolaty smooth with mellow citrus highlights. Fans of Jamaican Blue Mountain and Kona / Hawaiian coffees love Haitian. Need to try first? We sell at-cost, full bag sample pack for U.S. customers (you create a wholesale account to get access to at-cost samples).

Singing Rooster's tasting pack of Haitian coffee

Medium roast — our lightest roast; tinges of lemony highlights

Medium-Dark — our goldilocks roast: not too light, not too dark. Crowd pleaser. Decaf & single serve Kups (12 kup pack)

Dark — we NEVER roast to a shinny bean level (great for photos, lousy in the cup). Our dark offers those bitter-sweet nuances of a well done roast.

3 Premium Roasts: cost a bit more because we pay farmers more for a job well done:

  1. Cuckoo-Roo: medium dark, natural fruity under tones. Won Haiti’s coffee of the Year
  2. Tete Source: medium dark, rich & smooth (ideal for espresso application). Won Haiti’s Cup of Excellence (not a part of the sample pack)
  3. Haitian honey processed coffee has a lighter profile — keen tasters can pick up a definitive taste of chedeque — Haiti’s grapefruit, dried raisin & milk chocolate

How much should I buy? Which Types?

People drink ground about 60% of the time. Some groups only buy ground – this is a mistake. Buy at least 25% whole bean (unless you know for certain your target only wants ground). Decaf = 15% of the market (and growing). Folks LOVE our decaf — comes in whole bean too. Single Serve Kups : in our medium-dark roasts, Vienna & decaf. 12 kups to a pack

First time out? Go with medium-dark (Vienna ) — our goldilocks roast (not too light, not too dark). 24 unit minimum — this is a good first order:

  • 13 Medium-dark (Vienna) ground, 5 whole bean
  • 3 decaf ground, 1 w.bean
  • 2 Packs of single serve Kups (12 kups per bag)

*double numbers for a 48 box

How much should I sell it for? Depends on your event. Generally, if you make $3 a bag or $4-$5 for premium, you’re doing well. Price it competitively w/ the supermarket & your repeat business will do well.

Shelf-life: we package coffee in high barrier bags — can last for months if needed (coffee doesn’t spoil but it does stale). Ideally, you’d sell our fresh roasted coffee in 6 weeks (fresher coffee sells faster & commands more repeat business).  That said, you can drink it 8 months later too.

Raise money with Haitian chocolate, 40%+ proceeds
Raise money with Haitian chocolate, 40%+ proceeds

Chocolate Bars — ship when it’s cool (hot delivery trucks melt chocolate)

78% creamy dark chocolate bars, many flavors, certified organic, fair trade

  1. pure dark delicious
  2. Wisconsin dried cranberries: sweet/tart & chewy
  3. sea salt & toasty nibs (roasted bits of cacao)
  4. cafe noir (roasted coffee bits – so amazing)
  5. peppermint crunch – a seasonal favorite (not in variety pack)

*Sold in Cartons of 24 (single flavor or variety pack) — 50% margin on chocolate!

Raise money with Haitian art, 50%+ proceeds
Raise money with Haitian art, 50%+ proceeds

Wholesale Haitian art

Minimum art order = $199 ; retail art for 50% profit margin.

Art does well at BIG events 3-4 times a year (coffee and chocolate raise more over the course of a year).

Get access to pricing and 1-page order form by registering an account. Must include co. name & website in the email you forward back to us after you register.

We take up to 48 hours to process art orders. After we pack, art arrives fast by FedEx (no PO addresses).

$20 flat ship: 1 day (you live close to Wisconsin) to 4 days (West coast)

Consignment? Packing/shipping art is a lot of work. We tried consignment; it’s not a great fit for us.   Instead: Some groups order a smattering of items to reach the minimum – then hold a pre-sale (display art, take orders, then submit a BIG order). Bottom-line: don’t want leftovers after a fundraising event? Sell art at or near the wholesale price towards the end of your event (you’ll not lose a dime).


If you’re a good customer, YES we’ll continue to invoice (net 30 — we’re small, so you’ll remember / won’t need a reminder. You agree to a 1.5% fee on invoices past 30 days). You’ll still register an account & place an order online using the 1 page Quick 1-page order form. When you check out, you’ll select:  Pay by Check

Private Labeling?

We do private label (you acknowledge the Rooster on the label) — but it works best for big clients with big sales (5,000+ bags a year). Why? Over the years we’ve learned this: many groups want their own label, spend time and resources creating labels & run out of steam selling coffee. Plus, it’s more expensive – up to 20 cents more per unit (you buy 1000 front & 1000 back stickers up front) + another 15 cents for us to put them on.

Another option? Co-brand by using Singing Rooster’s bag. Groups who use the Rooster’s bag hit the ground running & focus on sales. Plus, by putting a sticker on back of the Rooster’s bag, you’re taking advantage of our colorful brand that tells a story consumers support:

  • rooster-bag-back
    Rooster’s back tells a great story that connects w/ consumers.
  • rooster-bag-back-bizsticker
    A business card size sticker can say a lot about your organization – fits perfectly at the top. Download template. Follow instructions to the letter. You buy 1000 stickers up front for $65 plus shipping to your location (you put on bags).
  • rooster-bag-back-bigsticker
    The big sticker (4.5 x 4.5″) covers the top and can say a lot about your organization. Download template. Follow instructions to the letter. You buy 1000 stickers up front for $99 plus shipping to your location (you put on bags).

Full-on Private Labeling: If you anticipate big sales (5000+ bags a year) and you want your own label – Yes, we do that. Your graphic designer uses this  template to create a front & back label. We order stickers & attach to plain/matte stand-up silver pouches. Follow ALL instructions. You buy 1000 front & 1000 back labels up front; you’ll order 24 bags of coffee, minimum, of the same roast.

Even though it’s a private label – we ask that you acknowledge our partnership.


Haitian coffee is organic by default — farmers can’t afford chemical inputs. Also, part of our mission is environmental stewardship where we’re planting tens of thousands of coffee and cacao trees (which hold delicate mountain soil, retain water, prevent run-off & bring back the birds) and are training in organic inputs; inputs help with better yields. We’re working towards official certification (costs thousands). Our Haitian cacao (chocolate) is certified organic.

How much do farmers earn?

Haitian coffee Farmers earn 66%

For each bag of coffee sold, Farmers earn over $3.50 a bag and a coffee tree is planted on deforested mountains. This is significantly higher than fair trade and helps to reverse years of deforestation. Read more about our approach. The remainder of costs — 34% — pays for export/import, transport to roastery, warehousing, roasting, bagging, shipping coffee.

Marketing Materials

We’ve created cut and paste text + wonderful images you may use in e-news, on your site & for social media (just make sure you link back to the Rooster’s website in your citation and talk about how partnering with us is building a self-sustaining Haiti). Marketing materials ship free with any order:

Singing Rooster Marketing Materials - brochureMaterials - Tent cards
Tri-fold brochures ship with any wholesale order — but add them to your cart!
Singing Rooster Coffee Marketing posters
Colorful posters — 8.5×11– ship with any wholesale order — but add them to your cart!
Singing Rooster Marketing Materials - blank flyer
Blank fliers ship with any wholesale order — but add them to your cart!
Singing Rooster Marketing Materials - metal artcards
Haitian Art poster ships with any wholesale order — but add them to your cart!

Singing Rooster Marketing Materials

Colorful 3.5 x 4″ Tent Card – perfect on cafe tables, next to the brewer at church or on the shelves at stores

Fundraising resources, ideas, templates

Haitian coffee farmers win when you use Singing Rooster's fundraising program.

Fundraising with Haitian coffee is a TON of work. We’ve made some pretty fantastic materials to make it easier on you: Including photos & text you can cut and paste to use on social media.

Publicity Resources save time when you’re fund raising.

If you’re tired of the same-old-same-old — we have the best fundraising ideas !

Where do you work?


Singing Rooster works with small producers across Haiti. For coffee, we work as high as Dondon & the Cahos, Baptiste, Thiotte, Fonds Jean Noel, and as far west as Beaumont. We exceeded fair trade payment for crops, and we return 100% of proceeds to farmer communities in the form of agricultural, small business management, and development activities. Lots of groups claim to work shoulder-to-shoulder with producers — but most are exaggerations or plain fabrications. Read more about our work with coffee & cacao farmers in Haiti.

Fair Trade? Better.

Singing Rooster pays twice that of fair trade for crops

Singing Rooster is a social enterprise non-profit established in 2009. We partner commercially with small-holder producers to alleviate poverty:

  • Agricultural and business consultants
  • Organizers of pre-harvest financing
  • Primary buyers of crops/products at premium prices
  • Product transformation into higher value items (like roasted coffee and chocolate bars)
  • Business guiders, developers, cheerleaders
  • Equitably distributing economic gains
  • Market creators (like fundraising with Haitian coffee)
Singing Rooster is a member of the Fair Trade Federation

Will you work with OUR farmers?

We get a lot of interest about our work with farmers in Haiti. We work with established farmer-owned cooperatives (have been farming coffee and cacao for decades). Fields may be old & in poor condition, but coffee and cacao are presently growing in your area.

We’re not equipped to help with brand new farming start-ups.

If you require consulting or technical assistance, we offer consultation. We ask that you pay for services by using our Haitian coffee & chocolate fundraising program — because that’s how we roll! (you raise money for consultation by selling Haitian coffee & chocolate to your sphere of influence).

I want to do what you’re doing.

We’re flattered so many have found our model inspiring and hope others build autonomy in Haiti (through agriculture or whatever means). We’re a tiny, mostly volunteer based & simply don’t have time for free consulting. If you have detailed questions & want to spend time learning about what we do – or you need technical help in Haiti – we do that.

If you require consulting or technical assistance, we offer consultation. We ask that you pay for services by using our Haitian coffee & chocolate fundraising program — because that’s how we roll!

Can I get Singing Rooster in Canada?

Yes! In short, the Rooster’s coffee (340 g) is roasted in Canada (ships from Canada) at Canadian postal rates. Most Wholesale Art is too expensive to ship from the U.S. to Canada (sorry). But if items fit in flat rate boxes (small items) and you fill that box, we’ll ship it. Have a significant art request? Buy a minimum of $950 U.S. – we’d ship from Haiti to Canada. Other details apply – call us: 608-721-0622. We ship retail art to Canada all the time — can be pricey, but we have lots of happy Canadian customers. We can’t control if you’ll be charged duty. More details here.

Can I get Singing Rooster in Haiti?

Yes. Our wholesale coffee program is growing in Haiti: guesthouses, shops, hospitals, etc.

Email Molly for details & then to place an order (coffee delivered in Haiti).

More details here — or contact us so we may better serve you.

Still have questions? Shoot us an email.

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