Raise Money with Haitian coffee, chocolate, art

If you’re a non-profit, school, charity, parents adopting kids, or Haitian enthusiast, Singing Rooster offers a unique fund raiser with our AWESOME tasting but rare Haitian coffee, chocolate & art. Buy Haitian products wholesale to raise money at your own fundraising events.

We’ve helped hundreds to raise THOUSANDS.

Singing Rooster is a social enterprise nonprofit who means business. Help us support Haiti’s producers, reforest Haiti & build rural economies with one simple act: use Haitian (coffee, cocoa, art) at your next fundraiser.

We'll email you details on our fundraising program.

Raise money with Haitian goods

We’ll tell you how.

Fundraising tools, resources, templates

Tools, Resources, Templates

Social media, cut/paste text, templates

10 Steps to a successful fundraiser

10 Fundraising Steps

Set goals, publicize early..

BEST Fundraising Ideas

Fundraising ideas.

Recycled Coffee Bag contest anyone?

About Singing Rooster's Work w/ Haiti's Small Producers

Opening up markets for Haiti’s small producers

coffee, art, chocolate = great profits

We have a fundraising program for those on the ground in Haiti too

On the ground in Haiti ?

Coffee fundraising in Haiti.

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