Metal Wall Art from Haiti, Tree of Life

This campaign has ended – but our efforts to reforest Haiti with income-providing coffee and cacao trees is on-going.

Make a donation today!  Reforesting Haiti with coffee and cacao

We ask for money ONCE a year — Help us help farmers build a coffee seedling nursery of crops that provide income AND reforest Haiti. Win-win.

A coffee seedling nursery provides farmers with valuable income AND coffee trees promote reforestation in a country with less than 5% coverage.

Who are we?
Singing Rooster helps Haitian farmers cultivate and process high quality, gourmet coffee. Then we buy/export tons of it at premium prices, roast and package, then create new markets on behalf of farmer partners.

Since 2009, we’ve invested 100% of sale proceeds and donations into our supply chain to ensure impact through:

  • Premium prices: we pay a minimum of $3 per pound green (double the price most coffee companies pay), which put thousands into the pockets of small-scale producers.
  • Continuous improvement: We’ve returned over $86,000 from roasted coffee sales to improve harvest management, upgrade equipment, building repairs, more.
  • Buyer Finance: We’ve supported over $500,000 in affordable financing to partner cooperatives for pre-harvest work and working capital.
  • Building a Movement: we’ve helped other non-profits to raise over $150,000 through Singing Rooster’s coffee fund raiser program.
  • What’s next? Farmers need help regenerating tired, old coffee fields while simultaneously promoting reforestation on Haiti’s bare mountains.

What We Need + What You Get
Farmers have already raised $4,000 from roasted coffee sale proceeds to build a seedling nursery. They need an additional $4,000 to complete the project. Combined, their hard earned $4,000 with your $4,000 in donations will provide greater incomes and promote reforestation efforts:

Coffee trees have a perfect root structure for holding delicate mountain soil in place: horizontal roots stretch for meters.
Since coffee provides income, they won’t be cut down for firewood.
Coffee trees thrive in the shade of larger trees, and therefore they serve as protectors of the forest (shade trees won’t be cut down either).
We need your help. 100% of your dollars will go directly towards building a coffee seedling nursery, which will produce over 32,000 seedlings.

$10 = 40 seedlings, which grow into earth-stabilizing and productive trees for 20 years.

The Impact
32,000 coffee trees will generate:

  1. over 640,000 pounds of coffee across a 20-year period
  2. over $2,200,000 in farmer income
  3. soil stability, which improves watersheds & water availability
  4. protection of taller, old-growth trees
  5. tens of thousands of jobs
  6. dignity/autonomy – farmers want meaningful employment

Thank You Perks:

We believe in sharing the love and will send you coffee (or Haitian art) as a thank you:

$35 = one bag of Singing Rooster Haitian coffee
$50 = two bags of Singing Rooster Haitian coffee
$85 = three bags of Singing Rooster Haitian coffee
In addition to coffee perks, we have 2 beautiful tree of life sculptures for larger contributions. These handmade pieces are constructed using recycled metal:
$150: 17-inch tree of life
$250: 23-inch tree of life

We have a proven track record working with farmers.

Reforestation & Food Security: In a country where less than 5% of lands are forested, we have planted over 200,000 coffee, food, and shade trees.

Coffee trees are important for Haiti’s environmental recovery for many reasons : because they’re income-providing, they won’t be cut down.

Also, coffee trees are water intensive & therefore thrive in the shade of taller trees (i.e., they won’t cut down trees protecting coffee plants).

Read more about our work: