Defy Superstition Day

defy superstition day

September 13th  is the day to throw caution into the wind — walk under a ladder, cross paths with a black cat, hold an umbrella in a lightning storm while out golfing (okay, that’s not really a superstition – that’s just plain stupid).  But there are some weird superstitions roosters have never heard of:

  • Pointing to a rainbow will cause you to lose your finger
  • If you sweep the floor at night, the mother of the household will die (hey, put that broom away)
  • Put something down with your left hand and you’ll forget where you put it

Ever wonder about the origin of some popular superstitions?

Seven years bad luck if you break a mirror comes from the Romans, who invented glass mirrors. They believed mirrors had the power to confiscate part of the viewer’s soul. If the mirror was broken, the person’s soul would be trapped inside.  Looking into a broken mirror is even worse:   a distorted reflection means the end is near.  Looking into a mirror too often means you’re vain and should come up with better things to do.  Holding a fundraiser using Haitian coffee & chocolate curbs vanity.

Toss a pinch of salt over left shoulder to get rid of bad luck originates from the belief that the devil is always standing behind you.  Throwing salt in his eye distracts him from causing trouble.

Knock on wood comes from the idea you’re tempting fate by acknowledging good fortune. Since good spirits live in trees (think Keebler elves), knocking on wood calls on gentle spirits for protection.  And hey, if you actually knock on a tree, maybe a fudge cookie will fall out.

At Singing Rooster, we’re having fun with these real superstitions around coffee:

Haitian Mountain Blue coffee

Haitian coffee Farmers earn 66%

  • If you spill your coffee, you will come into money.
  • If there are bubbles in your coffee, catch them on your spoon and eat them (you’ll come into money).
  • Spilling coffee is a sign of good luck and a blessing to those spilling as well as the place where the spill happens (you’ll come into money).

If you spill #haitiancoffee, then Haiti’s small producers receive money!  So spill a bag today – you’re welcome.