Welcome to Summer .. cold brew Haitian Coffee

Cold Brewed #haitiancoffee recipe

Cold Brewed Haitian Coffee Recipe:

Haitian coffee is ideally suited to make a rich, chocolaty cold brewed coffee with low acidity and malty flavors.  Cold brewed #Haitiancoffee carries notes of cherry chocolate, with a smooth, Guinness-like sensation and a lower acidity than traditional iced coffee.  Plus, you get the satisfaction of employing Haiti’s small producers.

Listen:  cold brew is WORTH the time.  Plus, the slow release caffeinated kick is awesome!  It’s less acidic and more tasty vs. iced coffee (pouring hot coffee over ice).  It’s the lengthy extraction (12-24 hours) at room temperature that makes it so yummy (not really cold brew but more room temperature brew). Print our recipe here.

The ratio of coffee to water is subjective and depends on personal taste.  We like 1 cup of ground coffee to 1.5 cups of water.  Remember, this is super concentrated, so you’ll mix w/ ice, water or milk when you drink it.

  1. find a container (plastic, glass, or ceramic — tupperware works great — can shake it)
  2. dump in medium ground coffee (amount depends on container size + preference) try Singing Rooster’s Tete Source (our personal fav for cold brew — perfectly roasted for this application)
  3. add room temperature water  (amount depends on container size + preference)
  4. mix w/ wooden spoon if container is glass or if it does not seal tight/can’t shake it
  5. set water + coffee mix on counter for 12-24 hours (you’ll find the sweet spot)
  6. next day straining options:  French Press:  if your coffee was coarsely ground, simply use your press.  Else, a cheese cloth or regular coffee filter works great: 


over ice
over ice + milk
over ice + milk + sugar (or honey)


Have a gallon container that fits in the fridge?  Cold brew lasts for up to two weeks, so go for it if you have the space.

What’s your favorite #haitiancoffee recipe?

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