Thanks to you! Farmers build Seedling Nursery

On Earth Day 2015, we raised $4000 to help farmers build a coffee seedling nursery in Haiti– farmers had had already raised $4000 through Singing Rooster’s coffee sales.

Although that specific fundraising campaign is over, we’re always raising money for coffee seedlings & their taller shade tree canopies.

A coffee seedling nursery provides farmers with valuable income AND coffee trees promote reforestation in a country with less than 5% coverage.

Combined, their hard earned $4,000 with the Rooster’s $4,000 in donations provided greater incomes and promoted reforestation efforts:

  • Coffee trees have a perfect root structure for holding delicate mountain soil in place: horizontal roots stretch for meters.
  • Since coffee provides income, they won’t be cut down for firewood.
  • Coffee trees thrive in the shade of larger trees, and therefore they serve as protectors of the forest (shade trees won’t be cut down either).

100% of all dollars went directly towards building a coffee seedling nursery, which produced over 32,000 seedlings.

$10 = 40 seedlings, which grow into earth-stabilizing and productive trees for 20 years.

The Impact

32,000 coffee trees generate:

  • over 640,000 pounds of coffee across a 20-year period
  • over $2,200,000 in farmer income
  • soil stability, which improves watersheds & water availability
  • protection of taller, old-growth trees
  • tens of thousands of jobs
  • dignity/autonomy – farmers want meaningful employment

Our efforts to reforest Haiti with income-providing coffee and cacao trees is on-going.

Make a donation today:

Reforesting Haiti with coffee