Shrove Tuesday, Mardi Gras


What goes better with pancakes than … coffee? If you’re hosting a Shrove Tuesday / Mardi Gras Pancake event – serve & sell Haitian coffee !  Add some Haitian chocolate & make it a real party. Biggest winners?  Haiti’s small producers.  Learn more about adding Haitian coffee & chocolate to your fund raising arsenal. 10 Things you didn’t know about Shrove Tuesday (or pancakes): Eating pancakes on Shrove Tuesday is more than 1,000 years old and was was first adopted by the Irish where Lent meant … Read More

Rooster’s Newish / re-Vamped Website

singing rooster coffee

We’re Singing Rooster & We have a Newish / re-Vamped Website We’ve been working on our site’s revisions for longer than we’d like to admit.  Why?  We’re busy.  We’ve been assisting Haiti’s small producers for years:  Haitian coffee & Cacao farmers in particular.  Then we added in oil drum artists in Croix des Bouquets.  They’re amazing; their artwork is sublime.  Check out Singing Rooster’s Youtube channel where we highlight their work. We hope the new streamlined revisions allows for easier shopping — especially wholesale orders … Read More

Singing Rooster’s Farmer Partners: WIN Cup of Excellence

tete source haiti coffee

In March 2015, the Tete Source farmer cooperative was awarded Haiti’s Cup of Excellence at the first national coffee competition. This inspired us — to develop a perfect roast to showcase these beautiful beans. Singing Rooster’s Tete Source roasted coffee is robust, rich, unparalleled. Buy a bag & see for yourself. It’s a Haitian coffee ideally suited for espresso application, French press or drip brew. Like cold brew? It’ll knock your socks off with subtle malty tones, low acidity and a rich taste that cuts … Read More