What will you cover in chocolate today?

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In honor of National Cover Anything with Chocolate Day, the staff at Singing Rooster are covering everything in #haitianchocolate. Head Rooster Molly: “Chocolate covered corn dogs with a side of yellow mustard?  There’s nothing better.” Later on in the break room, she admitted that there are probably 1,000 things that are better, but she wouldn’t elaborate.   Coffee Ambassador Corinne’s favorite chocolate covered confection? Crickets. “When in the peace corps in the South Sudan, we ran out of food and roasted crickets.  We were thankful for dental … Read More

Lemon-Ginger Haitian Chocolate Bars – new wholesale pack

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We’re getting GREAT feedback on our new Haitian chocolate bar line.  A couple months ago, we began by wholesaling 3 different packs: 25 bar variety pack (5 bars of each flavor) 25 bar peanut-moringa pack 25 plain pack 6 weeks after launch – we’ve been inundated with requests for a lemon-ginger pack: “Your lemon ginger is sublime. It melts in your mouth and compliments the rich, dark chocolate.  I want to purchase by the carton !” You asked.  We answered. New:   25 bars of organic lemon-ginger … Read More

BEST Halloween Costumes EVER – share yours

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Looking for a treat this Halloween?  It’s the perfect occasion for Haitian chocolate. Adults only.  70% dark, rich and creamy. Halloween is a great time to cut loose, have a little fun. Here are some of our favs — please share yours! Make your 2016 Halloween the best ever:  introduce friends and family to #Haitianchocolate.  Tell them that directly supporting farmers through Singing Rooster is a pathway to autonomy.  Building a #selfsustaining Haiti is our collective goal, and opening up direct market access for farmers is … Read More

Haitian Chocolate Bars – are BACK

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Singing Rooster’s Haitian Chocolate Bar Line — BACK in Stock: 70% Dark, luscious chocolate bars, 5 choices, ONE really important reason:  Haiti’s cacao farmers win plain lemon with melt in your mouth ginger pieces orange crunch (toasted nibs) peanuts covered w/ moringa (tastes a bit like green tea) cinnamon/cayenne Haitian chocolate is rare and has notes of Red Fruit, Hazelnut, Jasmine, Licorice, and White Pepper.  Plus, our little includes (ginger, peanuts, orange, moringa & cinnamon) pay homage to all things important to Haiti. nonGMO     … Read More

A Taste of Haitian Chocolate

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Haitian Chocolate and Sustainability When it comes to growing cacao, Haitians know what they are doing. A centuries old tradition, Haitians have mastered the art of growing some of the world’s best cacao. Grown in Northern Haiti, our cacao is chosen with care and presented as a special and rare treat. We transform the farmer’s harvest into products so that they may reap financial benefits from crops. Try Haitian chocolate today! The Rooster is excited to be one of the few to introduce Haitian chocolate … Read More

Haitian Chocolate (and raw cacao for #beantobar)

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Certified organic Haitian chocolate (cacao) is a livelihood for thousands; learn how we’re leveraging the world’s hunger for chocolate to benefit small producers in Haiti.  Then if you’re a bean to bar maker, order a sample / a few pounds of raw (unroasted) Haitian cacao. In early 2015,  Singing Rooster began working with a small farmer cacao cooperative in Haiti.   Like our work with coffee farmers, we’re supporting autonomy-building by assisting cacao producers to farm better crops, build better businesses. Cacao is the raw form of … Read More