Happy Canada Day

canada day haiti

This July 1st — wish your favorite Canadian “Happy Canada Day!”

Then impress them with little known facts about their National Holiday.

canada-bathtub-raceBritish Columbians guzzle 1.2 million liters 
of beer on July 1st (that’s 3.36 million cans) to celebrate the birth of their nation.  It’s little surprise this is the same province that races bath tubs across the Georgia Strait to Vancouver.

While most provinces in Canada (can you name all 10?) are throwing back a cold one, tens of thousands in Quebec are MOVING (most apartment leases expire on the first — seriously?).

Canadians LOVE Canada:  86% report they live in the best country.

In 1963, parliament asked Canadians for suggestions for an “official” flag. Of 3,541 respondents, 400 thought a beaver should be front and center.  Reminds the Rooster of Canadian photobombing squirrels.

canadian-squirrels-photobombThe beaver didn’t make it on the flag – but it is their National animal.

Because they’re so darn polite, you’d never know Canada is the second largest country in the world (land mass), but ranks 36 in population (after Uganda).

“O Canada” was first performed in Quebec City in 1880.  But the song was ONLY made the national anthem July 1, 1980!

Let’s all sing along with a Nation who has the MOST (per capita) volunteers in Haiti.  We admire you, we cherish you, and we love working with you!

Singing Rooster routinely collaborates with Canadian nonprofits involved in Haiti — we’re building coffee capacity in Fond Jean Noel w/ Solidarite Haiti.

If you know a nonprofit in Canada involved in Haiti – tell them we now roast in Canada & offer an excellent raising money with Haitian coffee opportunity (chocolate, art).

10 Canadian provinces:  Alberta, British Columbia, Manitoba, New Brunswick, Newfoundland and Labrador, Nova Scotia, Ontario, Prince Edward Island, Quebec, and Saskatchewan.

Bonus:  name the 3 territories