Global Goodness: Coffee Directly from Haitian Farmers  Supports Refugee Families in the U.S.

Millions of refugees are escaping to seek a safe haven.  Every Campus a Refuge was inspired by Pope Francis’ call for compassion and action.

ecar-refugees-pope-fransisNow more than ever, campuses must model loudly and clearly a deep commitment to compassion and hospitality in the face of fear-mongering and xenophobia.

Your purchase from this page allows us to give refuge (shelter, clothing, food, safety) to those fleeing persecution.  We partner with local resettlement agencies to transition refugees into our communities.

Support us with the simple act of drinking coffee, eating chocolate (Haitian farmers are supported through Singing Rooster).  Then Join the Every Campus A Refuge Movement!

* Your purchase from this page supports Every Campus a Refuge.  If you add items to your cart from other pages on – shipping calculations won’t work.

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