Singing Rooster Supply chain, Haiti

We are a Direct Trade, non-profit social enterprise and support farmer owned cooperatives.  We return 100% of proceeds back to the farmers and their communities in the form pre-harvest financing, agriculture training, and business development grants.

Roasting Profiles:  we use a hybrid drum/air roaster;  this is what we’ve found:

  • Pine Forest is classically Caribbean in every sense — chocolaty sweet with mellow citrus-highlights. It’s a perfect cup for those who like to ease into the day or relax with coffee after work.   When roasted to just under a Full City – this coffee reveals a rich, chocolate-caramel flavor.
  • Mare Blanch, Tete Source (Haiti’s 2015 Cup of Excellence), Collin:  when roasted to 2nd crack in the cooling bin – these coffees reveal a black currant flavor.
  • Gros Cheval (Haiti’s 2015 coffee of the year):  when roasted to just past 2nd crack – this coffee reveals a chocolate-cherry flavor.  These beans can take the punch of a darker roast.Haitian coffee makes the PERFECT base for espresso applications.  We use a mélange of 70% Haitian & then add other origins depending on our goal.