Meet Pamphile Richard – Singing Rooster’s Original Crane Artist

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Whether stepping across a marsh or migrating by the thousands, Cranes have an elegance that draws attention. These tall, gray-bodied, crimson-capped birds live in open wetlands, fields, and prairies across North America. Cranes are associated with good luck and peacemaking. To the ancient Chinese, the crane is a powerful symbol of justice and longevity, happiness and eternal youth.

#Singingrooster is a patron of all things art in Haiti – we love soap stone sculptures, paintings, and pottery. But our heart is with the metal artists in Croix des Bouquets — Haiti’s bustling town of clink clink, clank, clank.

Singing Rooster sells handmade metal art from Haiti: whooping crane ornaments, sandhill crane garden stakes, and other birds. We are proud to introduce you to artists we know well who specialize in cranes and other birds. We begin with Pamphile.

Pamphile Richard, Haitian Artist


Pamphile Richard was born in 1980 in Noailles / Croix des Bouquets, Haiti. Like many children in this village, they grow up working as apprentices in larger metal art studios from masters who made the process famous. He began under the tutelage of Gabriel Bien-Aime. He started at the bottom, preparing metal drums: burning, slicing, flattening.

sandhill crane garden art haiti
Singing Rooster’s Hunter crane – a collaboration with Haitian artist Pamphile Richards. The stippling detail is remarkable.

He progressed to cutting sheets of metal with chisels and hammers and then elevated to finishing work –like sanding and varnishing. After years of hard work, he launched his own studio where he designs pieces from his own imagination.

The most difficult aspect of his job is not knowing if he’ll sell his art, “I have confidence in my designs, and know I can sell them, but if nobody is visiting our town, our studios, how can we sell?”

christmas crane ornaments

Pamphile’s crane ornaments, hunter crane garden art, and sandhill crane garden stake have been in Singing Rooster’s catalog for years (they’re that popular).

When you purchase Pamphile’s cranes through Singing Rooster, you’re directly supporting small producer artists. 

We’re a member of the Fair Trade Federation and pay the MOST of any buyer (just ask any artist); then we return proceeds to build better businesses.




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