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Be the Hero this Valentine’s Day –   Go Haitian chocolate!

Singing Rooster works hard all year round but shines in February with our Best Valentine’s Presents EVER: gift sets of Haitian coffee, chocolate, art. Singing Rooster is #fairtrade, hand made because #yourcupmatters.

Singing Rooster’s Haitian chocolate gift set will earn you a big hug, maybe more. $30 / Free Ship

Choose either our Classic or Spicy Hot Chocolate mix — we’ll add in 3 luscious, dark chocolate bars & a gift card

Show the LOVE all year long – With Singing Rooster’s coffee & chocolate bar subscription

haiti coffee cho subscription
Send your loved one a gift that lasts all year long: bag of coffee & chocolate bar sent monthly. You’re welcome.

Interesting Facts about Valentine’s Day:

  • Valentines Day began in 270 AD when Bishop Valentine was jailed for performing weddings against the emperor’s wishes. While in the clink, he wrote love notes to the jailer’s daughter, signing ‘From your Valentine’.
  • In the 1800’s, doctors advised heartbroken patients to eat chocolate.
  • Richard Cadbury took the Dr.’s advice one step further in 1868 and produced the earliest box of chocolates in a heart shaped box
  • In Victorian times, it was considered bad luck to sign a Valentine’s Day card. Who doesn’t love a good secret?
  • Valentine’s Day candy conversation hearts have a shelf life of FIVE years.
  • 200 million roses are sold in the U.S. on February 14th.
  • The most romantic of all? South Koreans. The 14th of every month marks a romantic holiday : Candle Day, Valentine’s Day, Rose Day, Kiss Day, Music Day, Wine Day, Movie Day, and Hug Day.
  • Gump would have preferred Singing Rooster’s 78% chocolate bar line — chock full of antioxidants.  Plus farmers in Haiti win!

There’s never too much chocolate– Gift a Full carton of Singing Rooster Chocolate

Send your Valentine an entire CARTON of #Haitianchocolate (24 sumptuous bars) for WHOLESALE prices (nobody needs to know).

carton haiti chocolate

Circle Bowl w/ 4 Chocolate bars: Like the idea of Haitian chocolate, but 24 bars is just too much? We have another gift idea: 4 dark Haitian chocolate bars in a beautiful, handmade metal bowl: $45 with FREE express ship

metal circle bowl

Love you to the Moon and Back! The total package: Haitian coffee, chocolate & art.

Lover her / him to the moon and back? Of course you do. We’ll tuck in a handwritten note card if you leave us an “order note.”

Men spend twice as much as women on gifts. The average man will spend $150 to let that special someone know they’re loved. Hey guys, save a little cash & get her a Me & You Infinity gift set (she doesn’t need to know you saved money).

valentine gifts from Haiti
valentine gifts from Haiti

Thanks for considering Singing Rooster as your online Valentine store – means a lot.