Health Benefits of Coffee

health benefits #haiticoffee

Did you see the GREAT news about the health benefits of (Haitian) coffee yesterday (June 2016)? A new study Finds even MORE Evidence Coffee Can Be a Life-Saver.

We’ve been saying this for years at the rooster!

A new study adds these benefits of coffee:   those with colon cancer benefit by drinking several cups (researchers also think coffee also helps prevent it) — so go ahead, pour yourself another cup — just make it #haitiancoffee.

One benefit of drinking #Haitiancoffee?  You’re directly supporting farmers.  Do-gooders are healthier than sit arounders:

  1. Volunteerism DECREASES STRESS — volunteers are 40% less likely to develop hypertension & it lowers blood pressure
  2. Selfless Folks live longer
  3. Helpers get a ‘high’ from helping
  4. Altruists are HAPPIER AT WORK (and are generally healthier)
  5. DOING GOOD becomes a pattern – we want to do it again & againRead more about

    Scientific Benefits of Doing Good

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