What’s better than organizing a Silent Auction? A root canal… keep reading

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Okay, not a root canal- we’re making a point:  Set up a marketplace (do it once, you’ll never go back to the auction).

We know you’re in the middle of fundraising season.  We also know the HOURS (days, months) you’ve spent on the (staff dreaded) silent auction.

If you’ve ever questioned the cost-benefits of the silent auction, we have a solution.

This year at your annual gala – put up a small marketplace / table of goods sourced directly from people (artisans, farmers) who benefit from sales.

A producer-direct marketplace is the perfect alternative:  you save valuable time while raising money and folks go home with something special.  The added benefit of building self-sustainability where your nonprofit works is icing on the cake.

When your big event is over and you’ve added up the time you asking for donations, hunting down items, pricing them, writing and framing descriptions, pulling together the auction book (while items are still coming in), coordinating the checkout process, getting donors to send items…and troubleshooting when something goes wrong,  then consider something new.

Hint:  yes, do a marketplace at fundraising events, but also reach out to local stores and ask them to put farm-direct Haitian products on the shelves to help your organization raise money — you bring in customers & split sale proceeds w/ stores.

It’s easy to create a Singing Rooster wholesale account:

  1.  read through our FAQs — we have some great details here!
  2.  register an account (upper right hand corner on site)
  3.  next, forward the email you receive to info@singingrooster.org
    • include your nonprofit or company name & a link to your website
  4. we’ll email you directions on how  to access wholesale ordering
  5. registration/login allows you to track past orders, print invoices, etc.
  6. take advantage of our helpful stuff:  great fundraising ideastools/templates — including cut and paste materials

If you have a facility on the ground in Haiti (guesthouse, orphanage, boutique, clinic, office), we wholesale Haitian coffee in Haiti too.

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