Export Yields
Trees Planted
Over 1M
into Farmer pockets
Singing Rooster Supply chain, Haiti
Singing Rooster Haitian coffee meets, then exceeds fair trade

Farmers are paid a MINIMUM of $3 per pound for crops; we return another 50 cents after crops sell for continued business development.  The remainder of costs — 34% — pays for export/import, transport to roastery, warehousing, roasting, bagging, shipping coffee.

Fair Trade?  Better.

Singing Rooster is a  social enterprise non-profit established in 2009; we are a member of the Fair Trade Federation but we are more than Fair Trade. We have boots on the ground and partner commercially with small-holder producers to alleviate poverty in Haiti :

  • Agricultural and business consultants
  • Organizers of pre-harvest financing
  • Primary buyers of crops/products at premium prices
  • Product transformation into higher value items (like roasted coffee or chocolate bars)
  • Business guiders, developers, cheerleaders
  • Equitably distributing economic gains
  • Market creators ( this is where we need your help — tell your favorite nonprofit, cafe or grocery store about us)

The per-capita gross national income is less than $800 a year for a farmer family.  We’re building rural economies because farmers, not middlemen, spend money at home.

Singing Rooster works with small producers across Haiti.

We exceed fair trade prices for crops and return 100% of proceeds from sales back to farmer communities in the form of agricultural, small business management, and entrepreneurial development activities.

Many claim to work shoulder-to-shoulder with producers — most are exaggerations or plain fabrications.

Transparency sorts through labels and tales.  Our 990s

We have planted over 200,000 coffee, food, and shade trees.We have planted over 200,000 coffee, food, and shade trees.

Business Training :  Coffee & cocoa farmers have been tilling the land, harvesting crops for centuries.  With modest instruction in basic accounting and training on costs of product transformation, farmers are better able to show younger generations a viable way to earn a living.

Equipment Upgrades :  We research, investigate and test equipment that may transform farming practices and production.  We recently visited Colombia — a country where farmers are organized and value education (their government supports it).  With small upgrades, an entire village may be transformed into a powerhouse.

Environmental Impact :  Along with managing the entire supply chain on behalf of producers, we’ve planted tens of thousands of seedlings (coffee & fruit tree canopies) in one of the most deforested nations.

In a country where less than 5% of lands are forested, this is significant. Read more –> coffee trees are changing the face of Haitian mountains.

Managing the entire supply chain.

Our on the ground support team in Haiti is invaluable — Fedner Exantus, Alphonse St. Louis, and Rodolphe Eloi — work tirelessly crisscrossing Haiti to reach remote communities. We train in quality improvement, small business management, and business growth.

These guys have helped farmers to improve export yields by over 30%.  This translates into putting tens of thousands of dollars into farmer pockets.

To whom much is given, much is expected.

Christophe Nicaise  :  is co-founder of Singing Rooster and a skilled entrepreneur.  Christophe owns his own water technologies company – Innovative Waters. He spends much time on the ground in Haiti facilitating and managing our work with farmers. He’s a kind, gentle sort who has a hard time saying no — which is why everybody enjoys working with him. Ask any coffee cooperative in Haiti about Christophe & they’ll crow his praises. Christophe’s favorite quote: “To whom much is given, much is expected.”

Farmers, not middlemen, will transform Haiti

Molly Nicaise  :  co-founder and CEO of Singing Rooster, is skilled in small business management and market development. She brings knowledge of product development, branding, and sales to Haiti where producers crave autonomy. Molly’s favorite quote : “Farmers, not middlemen, will transform Haiti.” Her second favorite quote? You’d have to take her to the Cardinal to find out.

One simple act. Drink coffee.

Saurin Nanavati is Singing Rooster’s Director of Business Development. Saurin brings much experience to the Rooster; previously he managed Root Capital’s financial advisory program, implemented a mobile phone-based agriculture system in Uganda, was the program director at an organic fair trade cotton cooperative in India, served as a technical adviser for USAID’s microenterprise development program in Armenia, and is a former Peace Corps volunteer in Panama.

Saurin’s favorite quote, “One simple act. Drink coffee.  Eat chocolate. Enjoy art.”

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