make art from oil drum

How do they make art out of oil drums?

Most island nations import every drop of oil.  These drums stack up by the thousands throughout the Caribbean.  Haitians are renown for recycling oil containers beautifully.   Their inspiration comes from nature, religion, every day life.

Singing Rooster is a patron of Haitian arts.  We LOVE the uniqueness, and cherish the artist.  Haitian art represents Indigenous American and European aesthetics and religious influences. It is an important part of their culture.

Haitian artists are not just creative, opportunities in art provides jobs for thousands.  Haitians are on their own to provide transportation, clean water and school tuition for their families.  Art, literally, is life-saving for many.

We began working with artists in 2011 and created a stable outlet for dozens.  We seek long-term relationships with artists and are helping to build robust businesses.   Singing Rooster is a proud member of the Fair Trade Federation and invite you to enjoy the splendors of Haitian art.

65 Gallon Drums are the Canvas

Cut off both ends of an oil drum, reserve for 23″ sculptures (the Rooster’s 23″ tree of life has the oil & air spigot built into the design).

How to make art from oil drum

Next, stuff the drum with banana leaves to burn off residue, paint.

How to make art from oil drum

Let it cool, then slice down the middle, then stretch / pound flat to reveal a 3′ x 6′ metal canvas (kind of like rolling out gingerbread.. except with steel).

Draw design onto metal with chalk.

Then Pound, snip, chisel, stipple — cut, shape, contour.  (this part is deafening & we supply earplugs)

For Outdoor Use :   for all metal art :  the topcoat of varnish will wear away over time, and the art piece will begin to rust naturally.  Maintain the original look by spraying with clear enamel every 2 years.

In a country where 70% lack full time employment — art employs thousands.  By purchasing a piece of Singing Rooster’s metal art, you are helping provide meaningful jobs for thousands (and an heirloom piece for your family).

Buy Haitian Oil Drum / Metal Art Today.  100% of proceeds support small producers in Haiti.

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