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Fundraising is work.  We help organizations (and passionate individuals) to raise money with Haitian coffee, chocolate, art.  Many who use Singing Rooster’s Wholesale Haitian coffee, chocolate, art program have outreach in Haiti – but we don’t require it.  Add Haitian coffee, chocolate & art to your next fundraiser.

We present a steps you want to reach for successful fundraising for Haiti. Looking to sign up for an actual wholesale account? That information is on this page: Fundraise with Singing Rooster Haitian Coffee, Chocolate, Art.

You’re wasting your time if you don’t have a GREAT game plan for getting folks to show up.  Publicity is so important, we’ve created Publicity Templates for fundraising events.  This is your first (and biggest) task. Start on this first — then keep at it.

You’ll be glad you did.

10 Steps to a Successful Fundraiser

10 fundraising tips to make raising money easier:

1.  Publicity

The single most important thing is getting folks to show up. Promote it 6-weeks out, 1-month out, then weekly. Use pre-existing communication channels: newsletters, email news, parish bulletins, annual meetings, etc. Ask local TV, radio and newspapers to publicize.

Publicity is so important, we’ve created Publicity Templates.

2. Clear Goals, Deadlines

Set a dollar amount towards something specific: “$18,000 buys a new cistern.” Or “$25,000 puts 300 children in school for a year.” Donors / contributors / funders like this.

3. Seek Sponsorships

Identify potential sponsors & create a proposal
• Deliver sponsorship packages and follow up within 1 week
• Use sponsor testimonials in publicity and always acknowledge sponsors at the event, website, flyers

4. Do Fewer Fundraisers & Do Them Well : With fundraising, less is more. Your biggest task is to get folks to show up. Publicize, publicize, publicize. Have fun – be creative:

We have fundraising ideas: recycled coffee bag contest anyone?

5. Use Pre-existing events : chances are great your organization (or sister organization) has pre-established fundraisers.

Capitalize on them – just add coffee (chocolate, art). Ask other kindred spirits to add coffee sales on your behalf to a pre-existing event (think Rotary Club).

Corporate gifts : make it coffee this year

6. Update Supporters & Track Progress : Post updates towards goal attainment on twitter & facebook. Thank donors / provide explicit examples of how support has helped Haitians by profiling a community, family or individual.

People like connecting to people.

7. Getting the right help: Ask the most organized person you know to plan the event. Ask him/her to archive materials so next year’s leader will have a script.

8. Running Slide Shows: have a running slideshow, video, interactive website of your work in Haiti at your event.  Put a laptop on the table, pedestal or bathroom stall (just checking if you’re reading).

9. Tip Jars: no matter the event, ask for direct donations.  Put a sign on the jar:  “$5 plants 10 coffee trees.”

10. Use Community Networks: Rotarians / Lions / Kiwansis : Ask your favorite local club for help — they already have fundraisers & adding coffee to them is easy. Ask them to publicize your event at meetings.

10 Steps to a Successful Fundraiser
Wholesale, Dark, Organic Haitian Chocolate bars add ZING to any Fundraiser

More Tips for Raising Money for your work in Haiti & Beyond

Reach out to other Nonprofits who work in Haiti.  Ask them to sponsor ONE coffee sale for your group – you’ll teach them the ropes & thereafter, they can use Haitian coffee for their own outreach.

Local Stores & Shops: Someone in your group has a connection to a local store. Have her/him seek out the manager to get Haitian coffee on the shelves. Then, talk with local media (they CRAVE heart-warming stories as do retail PR departments) — during your interview, direct folks to the store to buy coffee. The store has agreed to give you a large portion of the proceeds. Sunday school classes hand out samples to shoppers.

Corporate support: Pursue In-Kind Donations from workplaces; ask supporters to sell Haitian coffee post-Thanksgiving at work or use Haitian coffee as corporate gifts (they buy it retail from you).

Minneapolis / St. Paul / Rochester / Winona / Hudson Wisconsin : we roast near Red Wing – within a 60-mile radius of MANY farmer markets. Ask your favorite farmer vendor (bakery!) if they’ll sell Haitian coffee on your behalf (proceeds go to your group). We’ll ship coffee directly to that vendor to make it easy.

If you’re a non-profit, school, charity, parents adopting kids, Singing Rooster offers a unique fund raiser with our AWESOME tasting but rare Haitian Mountain Blue coffee, Haitian chocolate & Haitian art. Buy Haitian products wholesale to raise money at your own fundraising events.

We’ve helped hundreds to raise THOUSANDS.

Singing Rooster is a social enterprise nonprofit who means business. Help us support Haiti’s producers, reforest Haiti & build rural economies with one simple act: use Haitian (coffee, cocoa, art) at your next fundraiser.

Learn how fund raising with Haitian products raises money for your organization.

(Hint: buy Haitian coffee, art, chocolate at wholesale prices & retail to supporters).

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