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Retail, Wholesale & Fundraising with Haitian coffee, chocolate, art

Singing Rooster creates lasting impact in Haiti by directly supporting coffee farmers, cacao agriculture, and, artists:  improving, then paying great prices. Adding value. Creating markets. Sharing proceeds. Teaching business management, growth.  Join Us — retail, buy or fund raise w/ producer-direct, Fair Trade Haitian coffee, chocolate, art.

Building a self-sustaining Haiti is a beautiful thing.

Holding a Fall Fundraiser / Gala for Haiti? We have Fundraising ideas & resources.

Great fundraising ideas, Haiti

Great fundraising ideas

Fundraising is a lot of work.  Less is more.  Concentrate on 4 fundraisers or less annually & promote them like the girl scouts (the cookies are here).  Be different.   Have fun.   Follow your passion & others will follow.

Best Fundraising Ideas

Monthly Coffee Cart
No ordinary bake sale
Add coffee & chocolate to Pre-existing Events
Haitian Dinner Contest
Baby it’s Cold Outside : Recycled Art Contest
Valentine’s Day Dance

Haitian Chocolate is BACK !

fundraise Haitian chocolate, Singing Rooster

Singing Rooster’s Haitian Chocolate Bar Line — BACK in Stock:

70% Dark, luscious chocolate bars, 5 choices, Certified organic, certified fair trade. Dark chocolate, tastes like Milk.

Eat Chocolate, it’s good for you, good for Haiti.

Farm to bar.  Buy a Haitian chocolate bar today –>

Holding a fall fundraising event?  Add Haitian chocolate.

Fair Trade? Better.

Singing Rooster is a social enterprise nonprofit who means business. We support Haiti’s small producers and reforest Haiti with income-providing crops (coffee and cacao).  Help build rural economies with one simple act: buy (retail or wholesale) or fundraise with Haitian coffee, art, chocolate.

Singing Rooster is a member of the Fair Trade Federation but we are more than Fair Trade. We partner commercially with small-holder producers to alleviate poverty in Haiti by building stronger businesses.

Learn more about Singing Rooster’s work with Haiti’s coffee and cacao producers –>

Supply Chain Managers Haitian Coffee, Cacao, Singing Rooster

Direct Trade?   Better.

Singing Rooster was established in 2009. We partner commercially with small-holder coffee, cacao (chocolate), and art producers to alleviate poverty in Haiti.  We serve as:

  • Agricultural and business consultants
  • Organizers of pre-harvest financing
  • Primary buyers of crops/products at premium prices
  • Product transformation into higher value items (like roasted coffee or chocolate bars)
  • Business guiders, developers, cheerleaders
  • Equitably distributing economic gains
  • Market creators ( we need help — tell your favorite nonprofit, cafe or grocery store to put Haitian on the shelves )

Retail & Wholesale Haitian coffee, chocolate, art, fund raising for nonprofits