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Retail, Wholesale & Fundraising with Haitian coffee, chocolate, art

Singing Rooster creates lasting impact in Haiti by directly supporting coffee farmers, cacao agriculture, and artists.  We build skills, pay great prices for crops. Add value. Create markets. Share proceeds. Teach business management, growth.  Join Us — retail, buy or fund raise w/ producer-direct, Fair Trade Haitian coffee, chocolate, art.

Building a self-sustaining Haiti is a beautiful thing.

Holding a Fundraiser / Gala for Haiti? We have Fundraising ideas & resources.

Great fundraising ideas, Haiti

Great fundraising ideas

Fundraising is work!  By including Haitian coffee & chocolate , you’re building a self-supporting Haiti.

Best Fundraising Ideas

Monthly Coffee Cart
No ordinary bake sale
Add coffee & chocolate to Pre-existing Events
Haitian Dinner Contest
Baby it’s Cold Outside : Recycled Art Contest
Valentine’s Day Dance