Want long-lasting change in Haiti? Buy Haitian coffee, art, chocolate. At great prices. Add value. Create markets. Give proceeds back to farmers. Teach business management and growth.

Autonomy is a beautiful thing.

Perfect Valentine's Day gift

Be the Hero this Valentine’s Day

Under 50 Bucks : 

  • 2 bags of Haitian coffee
  • 2 sachets of Haitian chocolate
  • piece of handmade art
  • small gift card
  • lots of hugs & kisses from the receiver

Only 100 in stock –> Buy the best Valentine’s Day gift ever..

Fair Trade? Better.

Singing Rooster  is a social enterprise nonprofit who means business. Help us support Haiti’s small producers, reforest Haiti & build rural economies with one simple act: buy Haitian coffee, art, chocolate directly from producers through Singing Rooster.

  • buy Haitian coffee – roasted or green (wholesale for fund raisers, retailers)
  • buy Haitian chocolate – or raw cacao (wholesale for fund raisers, retailers)
  • buy Haitian art (wholesale for fund raisers, retailers)

Buy Direct trade Haitian coffee, chocolate, cacao, art, green

Direct Trade?   Better.

Singing Rooster was established in 2009. We partner commercially with small-holder producers to alleviate poverty in Haiti as :

  • Agricultural and business consultants
  • Organizers of pre-harvest financing
  • Primary buyers of crops/products at premium prices
  • Product transformation into higher value items (like roasted coffee or chocolate bars)
  • Business guiders, developers, cheerleaders
  • Equitably distributing economic gains
  • Market creators ( we need your help — tell your favorite nonprofit, cafe or grocery store to put Haitian on the shelves )

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